I love the Beatles, Stones, Elton, Billy Joel, Freddie, Bruce, Prince, U2 and the Stones and although I can't sing or play a lick, I hope I can express my love of music through a little bit of artistic talent.

And as you can tell by my work, I also have a strong love of movies and especially the old monsters. Artists that have influenced me greatly include Norman Rockwell, Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, Peter Max and a great love of MAD Magazine. Maybe the latter more than anything else.

Last but not least, I am proud to say I'm a Nebraskan and some of my art reflects that. So if you happen to find this sight, feel free to browse and reminisce, even if you aren't in a buying mood. Cause it may not matter, but it's still all rock and roll to me.

 - Frank Costanzo, 2016

Ain't Never Too Old To Rock N' Roll, or at least love it and old movies and old posters and everything else that someone my age grew up on.

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Copyright 2016 Frank Costanzo

Whether it is current events or historical moments, Frank captures the topic and the people and presents them in various ways from funny to thought provoking.

The world is full of experiences.  Everybody has some type of memory, hobby, adventure, family experience, among other things that they want to capture.  Frank takes the aspects of these and brings them to life.

Frank has a vast knowledge and passion for music.  Recognizing rock 'n roll's influence on the history of music, Frank transforms his music passion into art. 




A Child of the Sixties is now 62. Oh Man, does that hurt! But Hey, I'm eligible for Social Security.

And as you can tell, I really haven't grown up.

‚ÄčFrank Costanzo Pop Art

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